Charity Background

The charity was established in 1974 by a local Derby resident called Etheleen Mildred Wigley after reading about the death of a neglected child. Originally called “Concern Association Derby” it acted as a meeting place for parents to attend and discuss any issues they may have been facing.

The charity opened its Family Support Centre at 13 Leopold Street in 1987. The centre provided the charity offices, a day nursery for children and facilities for parents.

The charity continues to operate from its premises on Leopold Street; providing supervised contact, family support and mentoring services.


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This service provides supervised contact for looked after children so they can spend time with their families in a welcoming, child friendly and safe environment.

By providing toys and equipment we aim to ensure that contact sessions are meaningful and fun for all the family members that attend.


Trained volunteers work with families in the local community providing one to one support and information.

The support can be offered to any family with children up to the age of 18, living at home. The purpose of the service is to support parents to move forward positively with their lives which in turn has a positive impact on their children.


The mentoring service provides a one to one, confidential, community based service to support young people aged 10 to 16.

The mentor meets with the service user on a one to one basis, in the local community. By building a positive relationship with the service user the mentor encourages and supports the young person to make positive decisions regarding their life and engaging with their local community.

The mentor will also act as someone who the young person can discuss any issues with confidentially; the mentor can then signpost the young person to any appropriate support services.