In the absence of positive influences, youth will find other ways, often negative ones like gangs, to meet their needs. Forty years of youth development research shows that at-risk youth can become successful in spite of the odds they face. There are five basic supports and opportunities that youth need in order to overcome obstacles in their homes, schools, and communities

1. Emotional and Physical Safety—meeting the youth’s basic needs as well as building trust and respect.
2. Caring Relationships—from at least one adult in each youth’s life, and the existence of positive relationships with peers.
3. Youth Participation—includes opportunities for youth to have a voice, multiple choices, leadership, a say in decision-making, and a sense of belonging.
4. Community Involvement—opportunities for the youth to connect and impact their community in positive ways.
5. Skill-building—that is challenging, relevant, and engaging across a core set of competencies (cognitive, social, vocational, civic, physical, and creative/cultural).

This organisation offers all the for local youth and that's why American Football United is raising the funds to support!

Taylor Brown