Case Study

Family Support Service

The case study below demonstrates the real impact our Family Support Service has for the people we support.

A single Mum was referred to the Family Support Service by the Children First Derby Mentoring Co-ordinator who was supporting the Mum’s 17-year-old daughter with a Mentor. Mum suffers with anxiety and depression and has Fibromyalgia. Her ESA payments had stopped, and the family were in financial crisis.         

The Mum was matched with a volunteer that had experience of mental health issues and was offered weekly visits for both herself and her daughter, providing practical and emotional support. The parent was also supported with court appeal hearings for her ESA claim and encouraged to access educational opportunities and local groups.

Mum said:

I’ve suffered with my mental health for many years and since receiving support from Children First Derby it’s given me hope. Through the support of my volunteer, I’m engaging better and I’m able to make appointments myself. I’ve also started back in education. I’m grateful to have someone to take me out when I didn’t feel confident enough to do this on my own. My volunteer has experience of mental health issues and can relate well to my needs. Mine and my daughter’s relationship has become stronger, and I’ve become more confident as a parent. We also enjoyed going on the day trip to Scarborough, which was organised by Children First Derby, as me and my daughter had never been on holiday together before.

The Daughter added:

I’m really happy with the support provided by the service. A few years back, mine and my mum’s relationship wasn’t healthy as my Mum was struggling with mental health issues. Since we have been introduced to Children First Derby, the relationship I have with my Mum is stronger than ever, and our home is a healthy and happy environment. I now believe in the saying, ‘There’s no place like home.’