Mentoring Services

Here are some examples of changes we have seen in the lives of the young people we support through our Mentoring Service:

- A girl aged 15 with chronic fatigue syndrome, in a wheelchair and unable to attend school, has a keen interest in the arts. A Children First Derby volunteer takes her out to museums and galleries and is supporting her to put a portfolio of art work together, in preparation for her future plans to attend an art college when she has recovered.

- A boy of 14, who had spent some time in a remand centre, returned to the family home and found it difficult to integrate back into his school and his community. With Children First Derby volunteer support he has gained the confidence to make friends at school and attend activity groups.

- A girl of 13 who experienced physical abuse, found difficulty in maintaining peer relationships and she did not like school.  She rarely attended her school, had no plans for her future, had low motivation and didn't keep herself clean.  Following support from a Children First Derby volunteer she now enjoys reading and writing and even won a writing competition in school.  She is now happy, achieving, making friends and taking pride in her appearance.  At the close of support her attendance at school rose from 68% to 98%, she has future plans to go to university to study literature.

The photo above is of our founder with a group of young people for whom our Mentoring Service provided a Drama group. This was an opportunity for children and young people, aged 10-16 and experiencing low self-esteem, to develop their social and communication skills, meet new people and discover new talents.  In November 2017, the young people demonstrated their achievements by performing a play, which they had written themselves,  in front of family and friends. The play emphasised the positive impact of mentoring and was a great success. 

One of the young people said :-

“Before joining the Children First Derby Drama Group I did not have the confidence to sing in public. Thanks to the help and encouragement from the Children First staff and volunteers, I now do and I definitely want to do more performances in the future.”