Children First Derby is launching a unique 8-week fun and interactive free course to support parents and carers, aimed at helping to improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Working in partnership with Being Me, a local not-for-profit mental health support organisation, the rolling 8-week mental wellbeing programme will run weekly from Children First Derby’s Leopold Street premises, starting on Wednesday 2nd February 2022.

The workshops have been developed in conjunction with Being Me and are being introduced through our Family Support Service, who have found an increased need for support within families, especially those with pre-school children, following on from the pandemic; whereby wider family and friend networks that may normally have been there to offer support were no longer as accessible.

Established in 2019 with the aim of tackling the mental health pandemic across the Derby area, Being Me have worked extensively in schools with pupils, parents and teachers. The organisation delivers bespoke workshops and programmes covering a wide variety of specialist areas such as mindfulness, exercise, social connections, and diet, to provide participants with tools to help improve general wellbeing to prevent future mental health issues.

The bespoke one-and-a-half-hour rolling workshop sessions will offer a well-structured holistic approach to addressing mental health needs, providing general guidance and practical solutions to promote overall good health and wellbeing.

Throughout the programme, participating parents and carers will develop practical skills and understanding, enabling them to establish social support networks, build resilience and learn how to create a sound and stable environment to help their children develop, progress and achieve the best possible outcomes in their lives.

Working around the needs of the parents, the programme will focus on a number of key topics, including:

  • Developing positive Mental Health strategies - looking at negative thinking patterns with practical strategies on how to minimise their impact
  • Exercise – introducing practical exercises to help promote physical wellness, with an emphasis for the parents/carers on how to exercise with their child
  • Social Connections – exploring ways to stay connected with friends and family
  • Cooking – looking at ways to prepare quick, cheap and healthy meals
  • Sleep – offering advise on how parents and children can get a good restful night’s sleep

The course will also address ways in which to help build confidence, reduce solitude and loneliness issues and look at compare and despair issues - discussing the negative and futile implications of comparison to others. Thus, giving parents and carers lots of practical help, support and advise throughout.

To compliment the course, we will also be providing links to useful apps promoting additional positive mental health activities, signposting to other useful services as well as providing a selection of free self-help books and recipe bags for participants to takeaway.

In addition, a free creche and light refreshments will also be available.

Commencing on Wednesday 2nd February, the course will accept a maximum of 10 participants and will run weekly over an eight-week period. After which, we will then open the course up to another 10 participants and the programme will run again.

We are currently accepting referrals from relevant health professionals, and we would encourage any health professional that is supporting a family that might benefit from this programme to please get in touch.

For further information please contact Children First Derby Family Support Co-ordinator, Fiona Rogers, on 01332 341516 or email [email protected]

We are really looking forward to starting our wellbeing workshops and we will keep you updated as to how they progress.