Date: June 2019

Next Review Date:  July 2021                         




The Staff Recruitment Policy has been established to ensure that Children First Derby has the opportunity to attract the best available staff / volunteers for all vacant positions.



Children First Derby is committed to providing high quality services to the local community. To enable us to achieve this objective we recognise the importance of employing the most suitable applicant for all vacant positions.


Children First Derby will ensure it has the best opportunity to attract the best available staff by externally advertising all vacant remunerated positions and volunteer vacancies.


Children First Derby will also internally advertise all vacant positions to current staff and volunteers to encourage career advancement, promote local opportunities and increase participation.



All permanent remunerated positions will be advertised through relevant networks, on relevant websites, through local employment services, and where funds allow, in at least one local newspaper. Volunteer positions will be advertised as widely as deemed reasonable.


All advertisements must be approved by the Chief Executive and, if the cost exceeds the allocated budget, by the Board of Trustees.


All contact regarding the position is to be directed through the Admin and Finance Manager, with all applications marked “Confidential” .

Basic records of the recruitment process are to be maintained. Records should include information about applications and job descriptions sent, applications received (including applicants’ names, addresses and contact

numbers, anonymous equalities monitoring), a list of applicants short-listed and interviewed, and a record that applicants have been notified of outcomes.


The short-listing and interview process will be conducted by a panel which will include the Chief Executive, at least one Trustee and, where appropriate, a staff member of the relevant service. If an applicant is a family member or friend of staff then the panel will be selected accordingly to protect the process and declaration of interest. If the advertised position is deemed a senior position within the organisation then the short listing and interview panel will consist of one or more Trustee’s and relevant staff members.


At the conclusion of the recruitment process, all applications will be filed for five years in  the Chief Executive’s office.

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