Date: September 2020

Review Date: August 2022


Children First Derby recognises the valuable service provided by all those who support The Charity by giving their time and expertise free of charge.

It would not be possible for the Charity to operate to such a high standard

and provide ongoing support to its service users without the dedication and commitment of its volunteers.


Children First Derby is committed to ensuring that its volunteers feel valued and supported during the time that they spend with Children First.  However it also recognises that due to the nature of its work and the professional standards that it requires from all its workforce, not everyone who applies to be a volunteer for The Charity will be accepted.


In line with its Equality Policy Children First Derby strives to ensure that no volunteer or person wishing to become a volunteer receives less favourable treatment because of their race, religion, gender, sexuality, age, or disability.


Out of pocket expenses will be available to everyone who supports the Charity in a voluntary capacity.


Volunteers will be given training to meet the needs of their role both during their induction period and as required during their time as a volunteer.


Children First Derby wants all of its volunteers to enjoy their time spent working for the Charity and hopes that they find it a rewarding experience.  Volunteers however need to be aware that the Charity works in partnership with statutory bodies and has legal obligations to those organisations.  It also has to operate within the legal frameworks for charities and companies; this includes H&S legislation and employment law.  To ensure that we comply with current and future regulations and legislation anyone who works as a volunteer for Children First Derby will be subject to the service specifications and policies and practices of the Charity.



A volunteer is anyone who works for the Charity in a non-salaried position. This includes trusteeship, service support and administrative roles or technical support, other than in a one-off capacity.


First steps to becoming a Volunteer

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Children First Volunteer will be asked to attend for an interview with the person who supervises the area in which they will work.  In the case of those interested in becoming a trustee this will be with the Chair of the Management Committee.  If the person still wishes to proceed they will be asked to complete a standard application form, provide the names of two persons who will provide character references and have an enhanced CRB disclosure.  The applicant will also be given a copy of the job description for the role.  All volunteers will also receive a copy of this policy.


Any person wishing to become a trustee will also have to complete a trustee nomination form and be voted onto the Management Committee by the current trustees.



All volunteers will be required to follow a generic induction process, this to include-


Aims and objectives of Children First Derby and current service provision

Understanding how a Registered Charity works

Management processes and job roles within Children First

Familiarisation with relevant policies including H&S issues

Current issues for disadvantaged families.


This will be followed by specialist induction which will meet the needs of the particular area of service for which the applicant has volunteered.


The applicant’s supervisor will take responsibility for ensuring that all new volunteers receive the level of training required to enable them to carry out their role.   Further training will be provided as necessary to ensure that all volunteers maintain a sufficient level of skill and knowledge to enable them to carry out their tasks effectively.



All volunteers will work to a supervisor.   This will be the Chair of the Management Committee for Trustees. Other volunteers will work to the member of staff responsible for the area of work for which they have volunteered.



Volunteers should not work in isolation.  To ensure that they feel part of the team, stay up to date with issues and supported by staff and colleagues they are expected to attend any meetings that relate to their area of work.  If a volunteer cannot attend a meeting they should let their supervisor know so that if necessary alternative arrangements can be made.



Volunteers are not expected to bear the cost of any travel expenses that they might incur in the course of their work for the Charity or suffer personal hardship due to the cost of any such travel.


Travel expenses are reimbursed at the Charity’s current mileage rate or bus fares.  Volunteers wishing to reclaim expenses should complete an expenses form on a monthly basis and hand this along with any relevant dockets to their supervisor, who will authorise the expenses.  Any volunteer who requires their expenses to be paid on a more regular basis should discuss this with their supervisor.


Holidays and other leave

Volunteers should let their supervisor know in advance the dates of their holidays and other times when due to personal issues they will need to take a break in their work for The Charity.


Ending Voluntary Service

It is appreciated that at some stage volunteers will wish to end their service to the Charity. To allow for alternative arrangements to cover their work to be made volunteers should endeavour to give at least one month’s notice of their intention to resign in writing to their supervisor.    



Volunteers are expected to make every effort to attend the Charity’s Annual General Meeting.


Other Related Policies


This policy should be read in conjunction with the following Children First Derby policies –


  • Equality Policy
  • Health & Safety           
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • MODEL Policy on Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure Information for Staff and Volunteers at Child Contact Centres

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